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H&R Health offers many onsite and offsite advantages for surgical instrument repair services. Located in the heart of the US, and mobile units spread coast to coast, our experienced technicians bring our focus on returning instruments to their original performance standards to your front door. All repair services are governed by our commitment to ISO 13485:2016 quality standards* and backed by an industry-leading warranty. We strive to have 98% or more instruments repaired same-day, onsite at your location. If a more complex repair is required, it is sent to our nationwide Center for depot repair.

General Surgical Instrument Service

From routine maintenance to complex repairs, H&R Health can provide a broad range of services for your stainless-steel instruments.

  • Instrument sharpening, realignment, refurbishment and repair

  • Instrument laser marking

  • Diamond dusting

  • Needle holder insert replacement

  • Bipolar forceps repair and reinsulation

  • Managed preventive maintenance

The Surgical Instrument Service Where Abouts

  • On-Location Instrument Van Service

  • In-House Repair Labs: Utilize your existing space for your instrument repair and maintenance 

  • National Repair Center: Surgical instrument repair and Medical Device repair lab located in Des Moines, Iowa. Specifically used for extensive or large scale device and instrument service needs. Also homes our staffing, education, and company show room. 

  • Rapid Response Team- Facilities with urgent or large scale instrument needs can receive instrument repair service on location with our dedicated team of traveling technicians. 

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Is your staff constantly searching or instruments to complete tray sets? H&R Health can provide immediate replacement of common patterns so your staff can focus on the patient. 

  • On location Repair Lab Inventory 

  • Reduces time spent searching for replacement instruments deemed life worn or non repairable during tray assembly 

  • Simplifies instrument reorder process

  • We are the official repair vendor for Novo Surgical instruments

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