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Rolling Stock

Laser Marking

Sterilizer Cleaning

Is your rolling stock procedure ready?

H&R Health holds the capabilities to repair and replace based off of your rolling stock needs. 

  • On-location maintenance programs to help keep your rolling stock procedure ready

  • A full portfolio of high-quality, stainless steel medical equipment

A preventative maintenance program will help minimize the severity of necessary case cart or rolling stock repairs and can reduce future repair costs.

Laser Engraving is the ideal method of marking most types of medical devices. Unlike tapes, or other products which are temporary, require repeat applications, or can house contaminants; the Laser Marking process provides clarity, permanency and the ability to withstand repeated reprocessing.  H&R Health specializes in the Laser Marking of surgical instruments and tracking software such as Censitrac. We also have capacities to distribute and supply Surgical Lasers to Government facilities and partners of most GPOs.

Regular cleaning of your autoclave chambers is recommended to keep them running efficiently. Our cleaning service safely removes deposits from chamber walls.

We work with you to schedule cleaning times that are convenient for you and your staff. Autoclave cleanings can be scheduled during off hours and your team can still have access to autoclaves as we work systematically through the units.

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